Chalupa Shells

In a previous recipe on how to make halibut ceviche, we talked about our serving mechanism that we use at Stella, which is a freshly fried, miniature chalupa shell. Chalupa shells are different from tortillas in that they aren't pressed as thin and are fried instead of griddled.

Cantaloupe Caviar - How To Make Faux Caviar Using Basic Ionic Spherification

Cataloupe Cavia Recipe - Spherification

Ionic spherification was first introduced by Ferran Adrià of El Bulli. They would serve a beautiful apple "caviar" in a caviar tin, which at that time was absolutely mind-blowing. Because the overall technique is fairly simply, "faux caviar" quickly became many-a-cook's first foray into hydrocolloids and modern cuisine (also commonly referred to as "molecular gastronomy").