Lobster Dumplings

This lobster dumpling recipe was originally developed as a component for a sea food hot pot served with shrimp, clams, yaki soba noodles and a Thai inspired coconut broth. Since the dumplings are wrapped in a wonton wrapper, they also work great as a quick little snack when dropped into a deep fryer and cooked until golden brown.

Kaffir Lime Aioli

This kaffir lime aioli was originally developed as a dressing for our Thai inspired french fries served at Stella. I love kaffir lime because it just permeates with tropical fruit and citrus. This aioli will work great for just about anything you'd use a citrus aioli for, just taken to the next level.

Honeydew Mint Pesto

This Melon-Mint "Pesto" was originally developed for a summer short rib dish that was served with seared watermelon and pickled rind. It was a fun play on fruit and beef, and people really enjoyed the preparation. To be completely honest though, this sauce was so specific to this dish, I'm not sure I would ever put it with anything else or even make it again for that matter.