Hamburger Brioch Bun for Sliders

Hamburger Slider Bun

This recipe is scaled to yield 19, 3 inch / 7.6 centimeter hamburger brioche buns scaled to 55 grams a piece. This is a good size bun when working with 2 ounce / 56 gram hamburger patties formed to a 2.75" / 7 centimeter diameter.

To scale this recipe, simply change the yield number from 19 to however many slider buns you want, and hit "change."

Ginger Brine

This all purpose ginger brine is a great way to add flavor and tenderness to pork chops, chicken or other lean cuts of meat. All ounce measurements in this recipe are by weight and the yield is set at 32 cups (1 gallon) to make scaling easier.