Seeded Lavash

Seeded Lavash

This simple lavash recipe yields a full-flavor cracker that pairs well with cheese plates, pates and rillettes. It's versatile in the sense that the seeds can be mixed and matched as desired, with my favorites being a mixture of sesame, poppy and sunflower seeds. Use this like you would any other cracker, but you can take pride in the fact that it's home made.

Sushi Rice Seasoning Vinegar

The seasoning for sushi rice is different for each sushi chef, and the ratio at which they season their rice is usually a closely guarded secret. Here's what worked for me when I was rolling sushi, and at the very least, it will give you a good starting point to develop your own ratios to fit your taste preferences.


This is one of most versatile Asian sauces we use here at Stella. It is great to add a citrus-soy sweet flavor to a number of ingredients.

Smoked Salmon Pâté

This recipe is a great way to use your left over salmon scrap after you butcher a side down into fillets. The salmon is pureed in a food processor with a flavored cream and then baked in a terrine mold. The finished product is a slice-able yet spreadable pâté that works great as an appetizer or canape.