Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 23

SCS 023| The State of Stella Culinary

In this historic episode of the Stella Culinary School podcast, I let you in on a big change I've been working towards for the last few months, and what that means for the Stella Culinary Community (here's a sneak peak - total awesomeness!).

I also mention that we'll be releasing dates to our upcoming culinary boot camp very soon. This boot camp will be an intensive, five day, hands on training program done in the Stella Kitchen by myself, my chef de cuisine Ben Knox, and sous chef, Alex Downing. This culinary boot camp utilizes my proprietary F-STEP curriculum which focuses on Flavor, Sauce, Technique, Execution, and Preparation. When these five pillars of cooking are understood, the possibilities of what you'll be able to accomplish in your kitchen will be endless.

Below is a sign-up box that will put you on the early notification list for our upcoming boot camp when the dates are released.

Note: this is different then the Stella Culinary Newsletter, and will only be used to notify you of the upcoming boot camp. If you're not yet subscribed to our main newsletter, you can do so here.



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There are 9 Comments

Porkbutter's picture

Chef Jacob,

I would also like to echo the comments above. Several years ago I made a choice to dig in ane find a resource to help me take my cullinary skills from a home cook who loved it to the next level.....and find a Resoirce I did. I found the "golden ticket" in Stella. Your teachings have provided me with an unbelievable foumdation that Ive been continuing to build on. And now that life has slowed a bit Im looking forward to being active on the boards again.

It was so much fun hearing your excitement and passion on the pod cast. A heart felt congratulations on bringing your dream to reallity. Of course the big winners will be the Stella community!


jacob burton's picture

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. Your support really means a lot.

@ Wartface,

Yes, it was difficult to split my time between keeping up with the website and running the restaurant, so it will be nice to just focus on the culinary education side. Glad I was able to help you along in your bread journey.

@ Pericowest,

Jet and Zach are no longer with us. Jet left about a year after you attended the culinary boot camp, and is now the executive chef at the River Ranch just outside of Truckee. Zach left last fall, and is now the executive chef for Reno Provisions, a retail/kitchen commissary concept in Reno, NV. It's always bitter sweet when a member of your team leaves to take that next step up in their career, but both were with me for a long time, and they were more than ready to level up and lead teams of their own.

I love the fact that you have a Tesla, those cars are awesome! And just so you know, we have 3 Tesla Chargers right here on property. So please, take a road trip in the awesome mobile and come hang out. We'll be announcing some dates here shortly if you want to attend a class, or you can just swing by whenever.

@ Mogs,

As for the logistics, I too was bewildered, I thought there must be several Chef Jacobs, but now it all falls into place!

That part cracked me up. Thanks for the congratulations.

@ kc0kdh,

Awesome to hear from you Lance, you've definitely been missed around these parts. I appreciate your kind words and sentiment, and yes, the Stella Culinary Community will greatly benefit from this transition, as I finally have the time to give them the attention they deserve.

@ horst,

Thanks horst. There will be lots of online content produced for those you who can't make it out to my neck of the woods, but maybe one day we'll drag you out here for a class or two.

Thanks for your support!

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