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To get the most from these videos, it is highly recommended you listen to the Stella Culinary School Podcast, which many of these videos are produced to supplement. If you have any questions while working your way through the Stella Culinary content, you can Ask Chef Jacob or post it to our friendly community forum.

CT 017| Pan Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Brandied Cherries and Basil Reduction Sauce

How to Pan Roast a Pork Tenderloin with a Cherry Pan Reduction Sauce

As Spring transitions into Summer, stone fruits start to ripen and make an appearance at local markets. Since stone fruits and pork have an affinity with one-another, it seemed only natural when I went to cook dinner the other night and saw my favorite stone fruit from a local California farm; cherries! I grabbed a pork tenderloin, some fresh basil, a bottle of brandy and was ready to cook.

CT 016| Spatchcocked Chicken with Glazed Vegetables

Spatchcocked Chicken with Glazed Vegetabels - Video

When it comes to roasting a whole chicken, this is my absolute favorite method to use. And although this approach is fairly simple, there are some finer points that you may want to examine if you're unfamiliar with process of spatchcocking.

Quick Correction: In this video, I refer to the technique applied to the chicken as Spatchcooking, when it's really Spatchcocking. I feel compelled to make a witty joke here, but I have to remind myself that we're not in a closed kitchen. Feel free to create your own punch lines...

CT 015| When Should I Use Non-Stick Vs Stainless Steel Pann

When should I use stainless steel versus a non-stick pan for cooking?

In this video, I answer a viewer question on when to use, and not use, a non-stick pan:

I don't often see professional chefs using nonstick pans, probably because of the heavy use one would get, resulting in more scratches and throwaways. However, for a home cook, do you have suggestions as to when to use a nonstick pan versus an all-metal pan? I have high quality pans and can't seem to get the food I cook not to stick. Is there a video that addresses this?

James W,
Dutton, Michigan


CT 013| How to Cook Restaurant Style Risotto with Mushrooms

How to Make Risotto - Restaurant Style - Video Demonstration

In this video, I demonstrate the restaurant method of par cooking risotto and then finishing it later on the "pick-up." While the par cooking step is optional, it allows for a faster execution which is necessary in a restaurant environment. It can also be used to make the risotto cooking process more convenient for week night dinners or parties. Risotto can be par cooked and stored in your refrigerator up to three days in advance.