Ginger Brine

This all purpose ginger brine is a great way to add flavor and tenderness to pork chops, chicken or other lean cuts of meat. All ounce measurements in this recipe are by weight and the yield is set at 32 cups (1 gallon) to make scaling easier.

SB 004| How To Make A Basic Loaf Of Sourdough Bread

How to Make a Basic Sourdough Boule - Video Recipe

In a previous Stella Bread Video, I demonstrated how to make a sourdough starter that could later be used to naturally levin any type of bread you desire. In this video, we take that starter and bake our first sourdough loaf, a 70% hydration boule that uses a large percentage of poolish starter for a quick rise, a small amount or whole wheat for a complex flavor, and a cast iron dutch oven to replicate a traditional hearth.


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